Casella Tomb, 1877

Restoration of Giovanni Scanzi’s Casella monument will begin in January 2018.

  • Period photo of the Casella sculpture

    Period photo of the Casella sculpture

    Alfredo Noack took this photo shortly after the sculpture was dedicated.
  • Scanzi's Casella monument

    The Casella sculpture prior to restoration.

    Heavy layers of black crust eat at the surface of the marble.
  • The Casella sculpture

    The Casella sculpture

    Carlo Casella’s son commissioned Giovanni Scanzi to sculpt this 1877 memorial. Note the broken horn.
  • Casella Tomb, 1877

    Casella Tomb, 1877

    You can see the deterioration of the trumpet- without proper conservation it will be lost soon.
  • Casella Tomb, 1877

    Casella Tomb, 1877

    Giovanni Scanzi was noted for his dramatic yet delicate treatment of the human form.

The Angel of Resurrection, carved in marble, appears to be floating above the ornate sarcophagus on which is carved the effigy of Carlo Casella. This virtuoso figure recalls the mastery of the human figure that this sculptor, Giovanni Scanzi, portrayed so dynamically in his ‘capolavoro’, the Carpaneto memorial, restored in 2016. This design was later copied in other monuments, including two at Kerepesi Cemetery in Budapest.

Signore Casella (1818-1874) made his fortune in trade with the Indies, and his son dedicated this monument to his memory. However, after 140 years the metal trumpet is bent and crumbling, and the sculpture is covered in a thick layer of black crust, which is starting to break down the delicate surface.

Scanzi, 1840-1915, was a student of the sculptor Santo Varni, and a teacher of many others, including Eugenio Baroni. In his day he was considered to be one of the greatest sculptors in Genoa, but with the change in artistic tastes that came with the advent of modernism, his name faded from art history.


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