D’Albertis Tomb, 1871

With your support we will be able to restore this magnificent sculpture in 2018.

  • Benetti's 1871 D'Albertis memorial

    A sculpture at risk

    Giuseppe Benetti’s 1871 D’Albertis memorial. The surface of the marble is breaking down from pollution and the effects of weather.
  • D"Albertis memorial

    Rear view of the figure

    The virtuoso carving of the hair contributes to the intense dramatic effect of this sculpture

Giuseppe Benetti was one of the most prolific artists at Staglieno. His works have served as a guide and inspiration for countless sculptors. His earlier work was in a more classical vein, later moving to a dramatic, emotional style. The 1871 Filippo D’Albertis memorial is a transitional piece, showing both his strong classical tradition and profound human feeling.

This work suffers greatly from 150 years of exposure to the weather and the effects of pollution. The surface of the marble is heavily stained, and areas are beginning to peel and flake off. One toe has already crumbled away. Restoration is critical to save this beautiful monument.