Maina Memorial, 1891

Restoration has begun in September, 2017 on this beautiful Realist work by Lorenzo Orengo.

  • Francesco Maina memorial

    Francesco Maina memorial

    Highly detailed relief sculpture of Teresa Maina, the widow of Francesco Maina, sculpted by Lorenzo Orengo in 1891
  • Francesco Maina memorial

    Francesco Maina memorial

    A small and delicate memorial, the virtuoso carving is obscured by over 120 years of dirt and pollution.
  • Francesco Maina memorial

    Francesco Maina memorial

    With proper cleaning and restoration, the delicate beauty of this sculpture will come alive once again.
  • Inscription on the Maina memorial

    Inscription on the Maina memorial

    The beautiful carved calligraphy dedicates this memorial to Francesco Maina from his grieving widow, Teresa.
  • Applying a cleaning poultice

    Applying a cleaning poultice

    Art restorer Monica Piatti careful applies a poultice to draw the dirt out of the portrait of Francesco Maina,

Each gallery houses 36 to 55 major sculptures set in large niches. In the walls between each niche you can find a smaller sculpture. These marble bas reliefs, often overlooked, are precious gems, delicately sculpted works of art. Among these is the 1891 memorial to Francesco Maina, which his widow Teresa commissioned from the Lorenzo Orengo, the leading artist of the short lived style known as Bourgeois Realism. This style is noted for its incredible honesty and virtuoso technical skill, presenting people exactly as they were. You can look at them and really feel like you understand their lives. A proper cleaning will reveal the work of the carvers, and the beauty of the lace, the stitching in her gloves, and the somber expression of her face will return once again to entrance all who encounter Teresa.

This and the Bodoano relief flank the monumental Debarbieri memorial. By restoring all three we will create a beautiful and dramatic scene that will bring back the historic beauty of Staglieno.

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