Protestant Section

  • Protestant section of Staglieno

    Protestant section of Staglieno

    These two Lorenzo Orengo statues, the first two sculptures we were able to restore, are shown here prior to restoration.
  • Protestant Section of Staglieno

    Protestant Section of Staglieno

    In the foreground is the memorial to Constance Lloyd, wife of Oscar Wilde. Behind it are Orengo sculptures prior to restoration, and the Protestant Chapel.
  • Bentley and Whitehead memorials

    Bentley and Whitehead memorials

    The Lorenzo Orengo sculptures prior to our restoration.
  • Bentley and Whitehead memorials

    Bentley and Whitehead memorials

    The Lorenzo Orengo sculptures after restoration.
  • After restoration

    After restoration

    Our restoration stopped the deterioration and saved these sculptures from crumbling away.
  • Before restoration

    Before restoration

    Prior to our restoration, the Bistolfi and Baroni sculptures were overgrown and were being attacked by biological growth.
  • Bistolfi restored

    Bistolfi restored

    We sponsored restoration of this wonderful symbolist sculpture by Leonardo Bistolfi.
  • Bistolfi before restoration

    Bistolfi before restoration

    The wonderful symbolist sculpture of sisters in mourning, but Leonardo Bistolfi, suffered from moss, mildew, bacteria and dirt.
  • Bistolfi after restoration

    Bistolfi after restoration

    After our restoration the magic of the Bistolfi sculpture has reappeared.
  • 1921 Art Deco statue

    1921 Art Deco statue

    This early Art Deco bronze by Eugenio Baroni was restored thanks to our donors.

After passing through the entry gate, as you proceed directly along the tree lined road a few hundred yards you will find this small area with its own chapel. In front and in back of the chapel are the first five masterworks which we were able to restore. Included among the memorials in this area are those of English, American and German residents of Genoa, including the wife of Oscar Wilde.

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