Galleries and Arcades

  • Badaracco memorial sculpted by Moreno

    Badaracco memorial sculpted by Moreno

    Giacomo Moreno’s 1878 memorial to Giuseppe Badaracco.
  • F.G. Casella Memorial, 1884. Giuseppe Benetti, Sculptor.

    F.G. Casella Memorial, 1884. Giuseppe Benetti, Sculptor.

    The lines between living person and sculpture are blurred as we are drawn into the scene as this child, this sculpture of a child, kisses a bas relief sculpture of her grandfather.
  • Carpaneto Tomb, 1886

    Carpaneto Tomb, 1886

    Giovanni Scanzi’s virtuoso sculpture of an angel wrestling to control a small boat in the wind
  • Child


    A delicately carved child’s face. From the 1895 Bianchi family tomb sculpted by G. Bruno.
  • Castagnola Memorial, 1905

    Castagnola Memorial, 1905

    This poor man and boy grieve the death of their benefactor, who wanted to be remembered for his charity. The Fletcher tomb, created by the same sculptor, Luigi Brizzolara, was restored through our support.
  • Reclining Angel

    Reclining Angel

    A somber angel, sculpted in 1878 by Giuseppi Benetti for the Rossi tomb.
  • Angel with a horn

    Angel with a horn

    The Carlo Casella memorial was sculpted by Giovanni Scanzi in 1877
  • The Dellepiane crypt, 1885

    The Dellepiane crypt, 1885

    This relief sculpture is the work of Lorenzo Orengo, a master of the style known as “Bourgeois Realism”.
  • Ferrando Tomb, 1909

    Ferrando Tomb, 1909

    A early symbolist style sculpture of angels transporting the deceased to heaven, created by the sculptor Pietro Capurro.
  • Two angels

    Two angels

    Two angels in mourning, from Giuseppe Benetti’s 1875 Gatti tomb.
  • Gallino tomb, 1894

    Gallino tomb, 1894

    A relative of Carolina Gallino, depicted deep in reflection by sculptor Giacomo Moreno
  • Pastorini Tomb capitals

    Pastorini Tomb capitals

    These unusual column capitals are background elements of the elaborate 1902 Pastorini tomb by Giuseppe Navone.
  • Piccollo Tomb, 1891

    Piccollo Tomb, 1891

    Giacomo Moreno created this marble memorial in 1891, blending classicism and naturalism in his artistic conception.
  • Angel Wing

    Angel Wing

    This wing is from an angel sculptued by Agostino Allegro for the tomb of Giuseppe Quierolo, circa. 1872.

There are 290 sculptural memorials in chapels in the open arches of the Arcades, and 468 in the large internal Gallery Niches. In addition there are several thousand relief sculptures and columbarium niches adorned with individual marble carvings.


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